David Trusler


David has mentored & inspired many financial professionals, by sharing the critical steps that ultimately lead to his success.

Todd Faulkner

Little Rock, Arkansas

I met David Trusler in August 2015, shortly after I started with Cuna brokerage services, Inc. My sales manager introduced me to David after I approached him for guidance as I had just inherited a very large book of business. One of my biggest challenges was developing a systematic approach to conducting client reviews, as that appeared to be a top priority for the 1100+ clients I suddenly had.


David was kind enough to accept a weekly call over the course of a few months, to help me out. A few of the key benefits of working with David that I discovered were that he is very systematic in the way he approaches his practice. David is very methodical, as well as self-critical of how he develops the processes that he uses in his daily business. One of the most enjoyable factors of working with David, is his humility and willingness to help in any way that he can. David is also irreproachably honest and not afraid to say the hard things that someone may need to hear, if that is to their advantage.


David helped me a great deal with many issues ranging from formulating consistent questions, to utilizing a point system to track activity that allows me to make sure that I’m focusing on activities that are going to drive my business. Along the way, I’ve developed a great respect for David, along with an uncommon friendship based not only on business, but also on family and even spiritual issues. One of the things he told me early on in our relationship, was that nothing was more important to him than spending time with his family and making sure that he did whatever it took to support them and their desired lifestyle. Over the years, I have seen Dave grow in his practice, as a professional, and as a husband and father. He consistently goes above and beyond, and is a consummate professional. I would recommend working with David without hesitation. If you are sincere in your desire to be a better advisor, to improve your own work life balance, and ultimately, to fulfill your obligation to the clients you serve, David Trusler would be an excellent starting point.

Jon Thompson

Houston, Texas

I first heard of David Trussler when he came to work at the broker-dealer we are both with, because he came in on fire. David was turning heads as a result of his incredible sales success during his first two years after moving his family to a new city, taking over a credit union program that was floundering, and accomplishing all of this with a new broker-dealer while learning new systems. I wanted to know how he was achieving this level of success so quickly.


I sought out David at an event where advisors had flown in from all over the country and was fortunate to meet David and start a relationship that would change the way I managed my business and improve my sales results dramatically.


David helped me realize my potential by emphasizing working towards daily goals using his system, tracking results in order to model future desired outcomes, and approaching every day and every case with a purpose. The biggest benefit of working with David was our frequent conversations during which he held me accountable, and we celebrated victories and discussed my shortcomings in a way that was encouraging, positive, and provided me with inspiration to constantly improve my results by improving my processes.

I know of other advisors David has coached, and those that have chosen to accept his mentoring have improved their sales results, grown their AUM, and live with less stress because they know what (and how) they need to do to achieve the level of success they desire. This also results in a much better service to the clients.

I will continue to work with David. He is the coach I need to continue to improve myself, my practice, and results for my clients.

Bob Hamilton

San Antonio, Texas

Dear David,

I wanted to share my October production with you. I wrote 20 life insurance applications for a total of $16,756 of annualized premium. As you know, my brother had a stroke on 10/15/2018 and I spent the remainder of the month with him in the hospital.
All but one of the apps listed above were sold within the first 16 days of October. My last policy was sold on 10/16/18. I have not sold/worked since then. I did go out on Monday 10/29/18 and did 20 walkups and was able to set 4 appointments for Thursday 11/1/18. I was using 2 year old Wal-Mart leads all from the same zip code. Two year old leads, 20 walk-ups and set 4 appointments.

You inspired me to focus and you are a true work horse. Your work ethic and spirit keeps me highly motivated.
I’ve been a little overwhelmed with my brother. He had a massive stroke on October 15th and I have been up at the hospital bell to bell ever since then. Thank you for praying for me and my brother.

Robert E. Hamilton

Roberto Arellanes

Tulsa Oklahoma

I met David Trusler while working in the same building as him. In that time, I observed that it is rare to meet someone as motivated and determined to succeed as David Trusler. He is someone who I look up to and is someone that is always reaching for greatness. David is respectful, professional and someone who cares about your success.

I always remember that he would greet every client with respect and a warm welcome. I highly recommend working with David Trusler if you are someone who is wanting to invest in themselves to reach higher goals.

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